Welcome to the Legion.

Are you tired of being weak and skinny?

Are you tired of being fat and lazy?

The fitness industry is a global empire with billions of dollars used to power the marketing of it’s goods and services.

Sadly, not all of them are interested in your fitness aspirations. They are in the business of expanding pockets over muscles.

Becoming one who possesses a great physique does not need to be expensive.

Yes, we all need to make money to even live let alone improve our lives.

Yet, I have learnt the most valuable lessons from free knowledge, inexpensive access to information, help from others – and less than a handful of products which I can truly attest to.

Need proof?

See below for my transformation.

Yes, you can be fairly broke and build a truly impressive physique.

I go to a 24 hour, 26 dollars a month gym in my local town.

When I started, I was lucky enough to have access to some left over equipment in my garage for free.

My years of training was not smooth sailing. As a naive teen, I wasted too much time and money on the wrong things that have inevitably set back my progression, but setbacks are not the end.

I am here to share with you my experience so that you can cut through the noise and avoid the common pitfalls that I made the mistake of falling into.

This is a collection of knowledge and experiences throughout my continuing journey in the world of fitness. I hope that you can forgive the bad writing, I write to you informally just as I would to a friend, so it won’t exactly read like a journal, which I believe is best for the most part. My journey in fitness has been a wild ride with many ups and downs.

I know that I am not alone when I say that I believe fitness is a tremendous journey and not simply a destination.

It’s never too late.

About Daniel

Physique transformation





Here are some more before and after pictures. It took a lot of work to fill out that sleeve, and to lose weight while gaining muscle, but surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

The before picture where I am sitting down is from a holiday picture back in 2012 in Morocco, the after picture is 2 years of consistent training since then.

My most recent physique is the after topless picture shown above. I am aware that my before
picture is pretty bad, but it perhaps isn’t the worst. This is because throughout my ten years of training, I have never inspired to write about or share my journey with the online world until only quite recently, so in the before picture I still had quite a few years of work under the belt already at that point, but it was completely botched by my failure to adhere to a strict diet.

I have been much fatter and skinnier than the pictures show throughout my life, and I can confidently say that I am currently in the best shape of my life.

If I can achieve this, there is no reason to think that you cannot!

Where it all started

I won’t inflict upon you the burden of having to read through a condensed life story. I believe you are here for a reason, and that reason is to explore fitness and all its muscled glory.

Let’s get one thing clear: before I became enthusiastic about any sort of physical training, I absolutely hated the idea of it. In school, P.E. was just another lesson- another chore, there wasn’t much encouragement or motivation. It never appealed to me because I believed that people possessed different talents, some were academic, some were strong/fast, some people were good singers, but I believed that I did not belong in the physical power realm.

I’ve been both overweight and thin as a twig, experiencing the worst of both worlds.

The most important thing (that is damaging to the psyche), and not just physically – was that I was unfit. I would get winded going up a flight of stairs, I would lose most sprint races and arm wrestles, and people at school simply did not want to choose me to be part of their football team.

This took a punishing toll on my confidence. Add to this a strong dose of puberty – and I truly thought that I was worthless because I wasn’t particularly good at anything. There are many factors that can affect one’s confidence and happiness, I can truly say that this was not good for my life.

What I described above was through middle school and high school. Surprisingly as a junior, when it came to sports day; I won gold and silvers on hundred meter runs and high jumps. Feeling like Superman, I thought that I would beat everyone in school when it came to races.

How wrong I was. However, I did not let this defeat me, and at some point; it was thinking back to small but good performances in junior school that was enough to spark a light and restore faith. Throughout the rough times, deep down I held a relentless unchanging belief, a belief that I had it in myself to master the body.

Since then, I have battled through injuries and setbacks, but I never gave up and I never will.


Why I want to help you


^ Not even in final form

I want you to know that despite any perceived ‘shortcomings’ that you may think you have, like the ones I mentioned about myself are complete shams falsified by your brain.

You’d be surprised by how easily one can be conditioned by their circumstances, environment and peers into thinking that they are somehow lacking.

The same person with the same genetic makeup and talents can turn out to become a different person entirely depending on whether this person was nurtured in a positive or negative environment. Like the body, one can also train the mind – the two entities are never apart.

This domain is all about empowerment, motivation and encouragement. It is also just as much about open dialogue and engagement. Humans are inherently designed to live as highly social creatures and there is always room to share things and to take the opportunity to learn a bit more about each other.

Starting physical training of the body at the age of sixteen is undoubtedly one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. It is one of the few things that I feel almost spiritual towards, it has benefited my life in so many ways, taking me right out of a negative hole and into a place where hard work felt passionate and rewarding instead of feeling like doing a tedious routine in a hated job.

Although I am nowhere near an elite athlete, I am in a different world to where I used to be, people looked and asked about what kind of workouts I did – people at work, at the gym, in college and of course friends who noticed my change.

I will emphasise the point once again that fitness is a journey. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was good and truly passionate about something – and to be recognised for it, even if by a few, is a priceless feeling.

In terms of performance: I started out incapable of benching 45 KG. I am now benching a solid 115 KG, and that’s just one exercise for one set of muscles. I am literally more than twice the man that I was.

Imagine growing another set of arms, only it wouldn’t have to be that weird, instead you would now see a superior set of arms which have evolved.

One thing for sure is that no one started that way. What you see from people are results- you don’t usually get to go backstage and see the gruelling progress that got them there.

Naturally, as with anything, people will start something but not everyone makes it till the end because some give up. Even worse, some people don’t even bother knocking on the door because of misplaced assumptions that they would fail anyway. It’s always worth a shot because you never know where it can take you. Minuscule progress it still progression.

Anything is better than never trying.

Finally, something I can and want to share with the world. I sincerely hope that you will join me in this epic journey.

The goal

My goal is to eradicate the doubts that often plague people, these doubts stop people from realizing their true physical potential. This is a place which can encourage people and help them to realise their true talents.

I aim to give back to a great community which inspired me to train hard and consistently in the first place. It is inevitable that setbacks will test you. Bad days, bad weather, fatigue, social life, work life and temptations. The road ahead is long and full of obstacles. If everything valuable came without effort, we would value nothing at all.

As much as there are sincere and good people in the fitness world, there are also too many gimmicks, fads and so-called short cuts. It is full of false promises and misinformation perpetuated by the ever-growing Bro culture.

I have been set back many times by learning the hard way and I am here to help with the best of my ability to filter out the unnecessary harm, it will minimize setbacks and aim to maximize optimal growth in the shortest possible time.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. People have different genetic builds and areas of stronger and weaker abilities. There are certainly biblical foundations and there is certainly no way around consistency and hard work. No surgical suction, crash diet, Synthol, gimmick products like ‘ab toner belts’ and not even steroids will move you if you refuse to put in work.

I believe this is self-evident but hard work and consistency must be reinforced into your mind if you want to have any chance of prevailing.

Results take time. Fortunately, if done correctly, around the first six months to a year of training is usually when you see the most noticeable growth of your body. Assuming an untrained body becomes subject to intense and consistent training, it will adapt from the overwhelming stimulation that it was never used to before.

It is an extremely motivating feeling of achievement that is intensified by the natural high of your body releasing natural pain killers. You feel a certain euphoria as the oxygenated blood rushes to your tight muscles.

It’s understandable to say that some find the dreaded diet aspect of the journey to be tedious and the most difficult. The diet is indeed fundamentally essential, in some respects it contributes more to performance and the physique than training does alone.

The two cannot be separated, but I understand the absolute non-appeal of the idea of having to eat chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli for lengthy periods of time (you can get more creative with healthy food, but I believe my point still stands).

This was another learning curve for me, and this part is probably where others might disagree with my ethos. I have been to the diet aspect of the journey with absolute discipline, not even a single meal could have been considered slightly unhealthy.

Day in day out, my results where astounding, but I was becoming miserable and I was barely able to attend parties because I knew I would be tempted by alcohol. I thought that I could not reach my goals if I did not control my sweet tooth and fondness for junk food either. This was a grim reality, but I realised, that it did not have to be this way.

I see memes on the internet that depict things like: while you’re at the bar, the only bar I will ever have is the one I’m curling. Well, you might as well take all enjoyment out of life then. Whatever it is you enjoy doing that is.

I believe that life is all about balance. You can achieve your fitness goals without having to sacrifice what you enjoy eating and drinking. Do not let a nutritional Nazi intimidate you into eating clean 24/7.

To be perfectly realistic and fair: the key is not abstinence, it is moderation.

How much moderation you exert is down to your self-control, I enjoy eating what I want most of the time, but my performance and physique is not negatively affected by this – tell me that sounds almost too good to be true. This is because I place certain rules that I don’t break, and I always train hard, the calories do not get stored as excess reserves in my body.

A true commitment to fitness is a path like no other. It’s good for the brain, body and soul. Stay strong and committed to the path ahead!

To our journey and success.

– Daniel